Hi! My name is Rob Braasch. I've been into shamanism/magick for 20 years. Combining the creative religion of Discordianism with Huna shamanism, Toltec wisdom and effective chaos magick, Sacred Apple 23 offers tools for making your life happier and more fun.

29.11.07, 18:00:55

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29.11.07, 17:41:36

The Revelation of Eris

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Words of the Goddess.
(spoken by a man, nonetheless).

Thanks to Bernhard Kosten of www.flashkit.com for his background track "Belief me" (yep, with an "f").

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21.11.07, 18:09:34

A messagE from my pinEal gland

I got a message from the multiverse. It was clear and precise, and it appeared on my screen while I was typing some other stuff. The message said:

"You must meet Zeus at the Vatican and give him the dance crystal."

Which is, of course, a message not to be taken lightly. Or heavily, for that matter.

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15.11.07, 10:06:04

My name is General Oddball Zigzag

You know, I don’t want to be a Freemason. Not that I had to be, mind you. How do they say? “2B1, Ask1″. To be a Freemason, you have to ask them if you are allowed to become one. Very mysterious, this. Which may be the reason that so many millions of members attend this gentlemen’s club.

I was thinking about the the conspiracy theories involving the Freemasons, and how they control the world and all that stuff. I love to read it, it makes me grin, and sometimes I catch myself laughing out loud. Which is never a wrong thing to do.

Personally, I tend to stick to the Discordian principle “nothing is true, everything is permissable”, and of course, the first Huna principle that says “Your world is what you think it is”. So yes, there are days when I’m a first class conspiracy theorist, but then again, there are other days when I shake my head in disbelief and wonder: How the heck can somebody believe that crap?

This is the spice of life, at least in my opinion: change. Everything is flowing, and nothing is true until you make it so. What incredible freedom!

Freedom is the core teaching of Discordianism, and again, this is only my definition. To other Discordians, it may be the fun aspect, the mindfucks, the Dada aspect of this religion. This is, of course, also true. To me, the core of Discordianism, hidden behind all that funny and seemingly sensless rambling, is really freedom. Discordianism, like Huna and Toltec wisdom, is a tool to show you the potential you have. Which is a BIG potential, all the time.

What Discordianism doesn’t give us, or at least not explicitly, are methods we can use for deleting/unlearning unwanted subconsciousness programs. But Discordianism encourages us to open our eyes and become aware that we are dreaming, all the time, and that we have the power to change our dreams. And this is where Huna comes into play. It offers exactly that: tools and methods for changing your life.

In combination, Discordianism and Huna do one thing: they KICK ASS.

In conclusion, let me say that instead of being a Freemason, I’d rather like to be a Discordian Freemason. Or a Freemasonic Discordian. Or maybe, Uncoverer of the Fnord. Hm. Sounds cool. I should go with that.

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13.11.07, 21:35:18

Bite Into The Golden Apple: Show #1

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My first Discordian podcast, combining the teachings of Discordianism, Huna and Toltec. My goal is to show you methods and tools to make your life happier and funnier. Have fun.

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